4 steroids with the highest progestin activity

What is progestin activity?

Progestin and progesterone are hormones that are involved in the formation of estrogen (female sex hormones). That is, of these, the body produces estrogens. Accordingly, the progestin activity is when the molecules of the active substance of a particular drug are attached to the progestin receptors and activate them. This means that these drugs raise the level of prolactin in the blood, and are able to lower the sensitivity of androgen receptors.

In this article I will tell you about drugs which have progestin activity. Unfortunately, there is no much information about testosterone. Aromatase inhibitors and so on the market a large number. But few people know that those drugs that would not seem to aromatize just have such an unpleasant feature, increasing the level of progestins in our blood.

Side effects of estrogen:

  • water retention;
  • gynecomastia;
  • acne and aggression;
  • mood swings.

Drugs to deal with them are different. I wrote about this in a previous article, “How and why use Anastrazole and Bromocriptine on a steroid course?”. So, go to the list of our drugs:

1. Oxymetalon: one of the most powerful drugs. He has a very high androgenic activity, but as an anabolic, he, to put it mildly, is weak. On it you can gain a lot of the total mass. The rollback is usually also quite large, since a lot of fat and water are stored on this drug. He still has a very strong progestive activity. Many athletes unknowingly experience a lot of difficulties, taking it, because instead of prolactin inhibitors, they unknowingly start to take anastrazole, or blockers.

2. Nandrolone: the well-known “Deca”. She also possesses this ill-fated and treacherous activity. Deca also has a much more unpleasant effect, because, unlike many testosterone esters, it stays in the blood for up to 24 months. And this is also a very strong load on the excretory system.

3. Trenbolone: the most beloved by many athletes – from professionals to amateurs. He is 5 times stronger than testosterone. It has a very high anabolic index, and is not able to convert to estrogen. But Trenbolone has progestive activity, which should also be taken into account when drawing up a course, since progestins can negate, even the results of a course on trenbolone.

4. Norietrolrolone: this drug is a tablet version of nadrolone, but its structure is somewhat different from it. It has moderate androgenic activity, but the side effects are higher than those of nandrolone, Norethandrolone also increases the level of prolactin.

And so, I listed all the known drugs with progestive activity to me. It is a pity that there is little information on the network about this, because beginners should have access to the necessary information so that they can figure it out for themselves.

The people are poorly versed in how to make up courses, but they have not even heard of progestins. But in any course it will not be superfluous to include testosterone enanthate in your program, at least 200 mg per week.

For a set of high-quality mass, it is best to take boldenone + testosterone + turinabol. This is probably the best bunch. Although in this course you can do without a test. Boldenone is slightly flavored, but it is not a bad thing, since the conversion is insignificant, and you can do without inhibitors.

List of drugs, in case you have a problem with prolactin:

  • Parloden;
  • Dostinex;
  • Ronalin;
  • Norprolac;
  • Bromocreptin.

All of these drugs are available commercially in a pharmacy. The most popular drug to combat prolactin is bromocreptin, and the price is not high.