Diet for drying the body for men

So, I decided to write a general educational article on the topic of how to dry properly using pharmacology, so that I can remove fat and not lose meat, and minimally interfere with the endocrine system of our body. This information is aimed at people who have not tried anything at all and for those who conducted only the most elementary courses for the masses and managed to acquire a couple of extra pounds of subcutaneous ballast.

I will not hide the fact that it is quite possible to recruit (at the level of a simple amateur) on its hormonal background. It is clear that the size of Mr. Olympia with this approach does not grow, but many do not need it.

But to dry so as to be like an athlete, and not a prisoner of Auschwitz – almost impossible for 90% of the average population. But then again, a large number of ordinary jocks do not want to pour in and throw into themselves everything that is advised in various bodybuilding forums. It is understandable – the majority of chemists who abuse drugs are ordinary egoists. They are firmly convinced that since they accept everything, then the rest let them do it. But I disagree with them.

Let’s try to make a strategy of reasonable minimalism. So to speak, and eat fish, and sit in the boat. But before starting, I consider it necessary to clarify the fact that drying and shaping the body is, first of all, a diet and a combination of strength training with aerobic exercise. No pills and shots will NEVER make you slim and handsome without competent nutrition and hard work in the hall.

So, our men’s drying for lovers will be built from four components.


First of all, we need an anticatabolic course basis. That is, a substance that will protect most of the priceless meat from ruthless cortisol. There is not much to accelerate here, and we have only three assistants who will do the least harm. Testosterone propionate, turinabol and oxandrolone.

All three perfectly cover the muscles from the collapse in the period of low-calorie food. As for me – testosterone is the best choice. He, in addition to the main purpose, will support the psyche and libido. It is no secret to anyone that real drying significantly suppresses sexual attraction in most athletes. But there are people with increased sensitivity to estradiol and such friends testosterone is not suitable. Of course, there is a way to protect yourself from flavoring – these are aromatase inhibitors. But this is clearly not an option for cautious athletes. So what remains is oxandrolone (more expensive) and turinabol – a more budget option, but inferior to the first two in anti-catabolic abilities.

The dosage range is as follows:

  1. Testosterone propionate. 50-100 mg every other day at the same time.
  2. Oxandrolone. 2 times a day, 20 mg in the morning and evening.
  3. Turinabol. 2 times a day, 20 mg in the morning and evening.

Secondarily, we need an addition to the basis of the course, which will be responsible for the quality of the carcass, which is free from fat. The so-called cosmetics. Here again, you will not overclock. Stanozolol and Drostanolone propionate. Both the first and second, I must say, are able to deliver certain troubles. But they are out of competition.

Drostanolone is MUCH safer, and at the same time also copes with its task. Plus as a bonus – it will increase stamina and speed recovery. Agree that on a half-hunger, this is just right. That is what I recommend.

Unfortunately, to fully protect yourself in this section will not work. Of course, you can do without cosmetics, but at the exit from drying, the effectiveness of your muscles will be an order of magnitude worse. Choose what is more important to you. Now go through the dosages:

Drostanolone. 100mg every other day. At the same time.
Stanozolol. 50mg per day regardless of the form of reception. If the pill then for two times in the morning and evening, injections at the same time.

Fat burners

The third aspect is the relatively gentle fat burner of the ECA combination type (ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin). It will help promote metabolism and maintain it at the desired level around the clock. It will also remove excess water from the body.

In any store sports nutrition will help you make the right choice. As for me, a great choice is Methyldren. But this is not a dogma – they are more than enough. Doses are indicated by the manufacturer. You can not exceed them. And no clenbuterol and sibutramines! These agents are EXTREMELY OUTSIDE of the concept of security.

Sports nutrition

What else? BCAA amino acids (preferably at least 40-50 grams per day), whey protein (no more than two doses of 30-40 grams each) and REQUIREDLY EXPENSIVE VITAMIN COMPLEX.

An injection of one – two ampoules of such a drug as Actovegin will be very useful. This is hemoderivat from beef blood – it will help to significantly speed up recovery, especially after aerobic exercise. Set immediately after training. Intramuscularly.

Low fat Diet for women

So in this case it’s worth thinking not seven, but seventy-seven times, before cutting it off. The right to choose has every adult and mentally healthy person. The main thing that the choice was deliberate.

Bodybuilding diet for women

1. For 90% of NORMAL women, getting rid of subcutaneous fat and excess water is completely IMPOSSIBLE without interfering with the metabolism. The same applies to muscle fouling. Let’s face it – these things are unnatural, even for most men. What can we say about the ladies. Excessive amount of estradiol and a large number of alpha-2 receptors (especially in the fat depot thighs and buttocks) will by hook or by crook resist and interfere with women’s drying.

2. It is absolutely accurately noted that the fat on the bottom and legs begins to melt relatively actively only after it has melted on the upper part of the body. What follows from this? That’s right – get ready for the fact that your mammary glands will become significantly smaller. Or even leave if they were not originally large.

3. It is also important to note that it is not possible to make the form after many years of passivity for women. So, before thinking about a cool dryer, you need to train at least a year and a half and train your body to proper nutrition.

4. No oral contraceptives for the period of drying. Since, as far as I know, it is estrogen that is their basis.

5. In general, for women who have given birth, the attainment of the nuclear form is given an order of magnitude easier as the hormones change.

The first component of Diet

The first thing we need to do is block estrogen receptors. You can not do this, but then the results will be worse. This is done using selective estrogen receptor modulators. Tamoxifen, toremifene, clomiphene citrates. Dosages should be no less (and sometimes more) than for men.

  1. Tamoxifen. 20–40 mg per day.
  2. Toremifen. 30-40 mg per day.
  3. Clomiphene 50-100 mg per day.

Second component

The second is a change in the testosterone / estradiol ratio towards the first. And here the choice is small. As for me, the maximum that an adequate woman can afford is methenolone enanthate (primobolan), oxandrolone or turinabol. I advise you to choose a dealer very carefully. Today, the absolute norm is methane, methyl or stanozolol under the guise of turinabol and oxandrolone. As well as diluted testosterone or nandrolone instead of primobolan.

The dosages are as follows:

  • Methenolone enanthate. 100 – 200 mg per week. You can bet once. For example, on Mondays.
  • Oxandrolone. 20-40 mg per day for two doses (in the morning and in the evening). As for me – the best choice.
  • Turinabol. 20-30 mg per day for two doses (in the morning and in the evening). Do not eat for more than four weeks.

The third point is fat burners. Unfortunately, the traditional bodybuilding stuff, such as clenbuterol, ECA (ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin) or triiodothyronine – is not enough for women. They destroy fat, primarily in the abdominal area. At the waist, that is. On the pope and hips only in the second. And according to my observations, most girls are worried about the lower floor.

What to do? Well, you can still try ECA. Here to help sports nutrition stores. There products based on ephedra extract – a dime a dozen. If only there was enough money. What if it works in your case.

What if not your case? Use things that permanently melt fat – all over the body. I can select only metformin and somatropin (growth hormone). Both work and work well. Both have their own side effects. Some of them (especially for growth hormone) are irreversible. To give approximate doses for each and everyone in this case is not possible. So, if you decide to use these medicines, look for a person who will explain. Or do not take risks and take the store options. Who would not say, but in combination with diet, aerobic and power loads, AAS and estrogen receptor blockers – they are quite a decent work. At least most of the girls in the bikini category do just that.

That’s all that can afford a woman who decided to go to the dark side of the preparation for the beach season. So that both the result and the risks are minimized.

As for the BCAA, whey protein and vitamins, they must also be present. Well, that is so clear.

Duration of the course should not be less than 6-8 weeks. Less is about anything. More – is fraught. Naturally, at the first signs of virilization, steroids need to be canceled once and for all forever and ever. Or take further, resigned to the inevitable changes.

4 steroids with the highest progestin activity

What is progestin activity?

Progestin and progesterone are hormones that are involved in the formation of estrogen (female sex hormones). That is, of these, the body produces estrogens. Accordingly, the progestin activity is when the molecules of the active substance of a particular drug are attached to the progestin receptors and activate them. This means that these drugs raise the level of prolactin in the blood, and are able to lower the sensitivity of androgen receptors.

In this article I will tell you about drugs which have progestin activity. Unfortunately, there is no much information about testosterone. Aromatase inhibitors and so on the market a large number. But few people know that those drugs that would not seem to aromatize just have such an unpleasant feature, increasing the level of progestins in our blood.

Side effects of estrogen:

  • water retention;
  • gynecomastia;
  • acne and aggression;
  • mood swings.

Drugs to deal with them are different. I wrote about this in a previous article, “How and why use Anastrazole and Bromocriptine on a steroid course?”. So, go to the list of our drugs:

1. Oxymetalon: one of the most powerful drugs. He has a very high androgenic activity, but as an anabolic, he, to put it mildly, is weak. On it you can gain a lot of the total mass. The rollback is usually also quite large, since a lot of fat and water are stored on this drug. He still has a very strong progestive activity. Many athletes unknowingly experience a lot of difficulties, taking it, because instead of prolactin inhibitors, they unknowingly start to take anastrazole, or blockers.

2. Nandrolone: the well-known “Deca”. She also possesses this ill-fated and treacherous activity. Deca also has a much more unpleasant effect, because, unlike many testosterone esters, it stays in the blood for up to 24 months. And this is also a very strong load on the excretory system.

3. Trenbolone: the most beloved by many athletes – from professionals to amateurs. He is 5 times stronger than testosterone. It has a very high anabolic index, and is not able to convert to estrogen. But Trenbolone has progestive activity, which should also be taken into account when drawing up a course, since progestins can negate, even the results of a course on trenbolone.

4. Norietrolrolone: this drug is a tablet version of nadrolone, but its structure is somewhat different from it. It has moderate androgenic activity, but the side effects are higher than those of nandrolone, Norethandrolone also increases the level of prolactin.

And so, I listed all the known drugs with progestive activity to me. It is a pity that there is little information on the network about this, because beginners should have access to the necessary information so that they can figure it out for themselves.

The people are poorly versed in how to make up courses, but they have not even heard of progestins. But in any course it will not be superfluous to include testosterone enanthate in your program, at least 200 mg per week.

For a set of high-quality mass, it is best to take boldenone + testosterone + turinabol. This is probably the best bunch. Although in this course you can do without a test. Boldenone is slightly flavored, but it is not a bad thing, since the conversion is insignificant, and you can do without inhibitors.

List of drugs, in case you have a problem with prolactin:

  • Parloden;
  • Dostinex;
  • Ronalin;
  • Norprolac;
  • Bromocreptin.

All of these drugs are available commercially in a pharmacy. The most popular drug to combat prolactin is bromocreptin, and the price is not high.