How do bodybuilders get steroids?

So, gentlemen pitching – the security forces, this article will be devoted to the dark side of our favorite sports. In it we will talk about what is the advantage of the modern time, before the past years in the matter of the acquisition of various pharmacological preparations to achieve the maximum result in the training process. We will not be cunning and we admit openly that AAS and other pharma are actively used by ordinary bodybuilding amateurs (for example), who have been training for more than two years and are striving for their personal ideal. And if there is a demand, it means that there must be an offer.

All attempts by the state to intimidate and misinform active sports people have failed and, I dare say, will never lead to the eradication of drugs from the sport. Nevertheless, it is now both simple and difficult to buy a quality farm today. Such is the paradox. It seems to be full of information and various forums on bodybuilding, but as it was, as it were, it was. But, if you do not run ahead of the locomotive, but it is reasonable to approach the issue – to find the site of decent dealers is more than realistic in all countries. There, the drugs will offer quite a decent quality and will explain, if necessary, how to take them to achieve the objectives set for themselves.
Recent past

So that the article does not turn into a dry theory, we will plunge into the recent past and see how the market of sports pharmacology has generally developed and what, in the end, has come. This paragraph is devoted primarily to newcomers and young people who today do not even know what their older colleagues had to face.

When I first became interested in the topic – what would the cadet do, then the choice in my small town was, frankly, extremely scarce. There were several “live” vendors who rubbed in the most popular gyms and everyone was pushed exclusively by Methandrostenolone. And it does not matter what was discussed – the weight gain or drying. Methane, with an important view, was prescribed to everyone.

The funny thing is that there was simply no sensible information on the correct preparation of courses, the PCT, the prevention of side effects (which Methane has in abundance). It was possible to find some antediluvian books of Western authors on this topic, yes. But the theory in them was laid out completely superficially and primitively. Plus to this – everything was written more likely in the Western manner and poorly adapted to our readers. I think it is clear that Metashka was by no means suitable for everyone and was not at all suitable for the period of overweight and body design.

Started punching at pharmacies

There, with considerable effort, we got Testosterone propionate, Omnadren – 250, Retabolil (Nandrolone decanoate) and … all the same Methane from the Russian Bioreactor and Akrikhin. Agree – the picture is sad and sad. It was necessary to change something. And then in one of the two sports nutrition stores that were in our city, they began to sell a more interesting range of drugs from the AAS class. It has become possible to buy Stanozolol, short Nandrolone, Methenolone enanthate, Trenbolone acetate, Oralturinabol, and of all the options for testosterone.

Unfortunately, everything was far from ideal. In addition to the fact that prices for  drugs were, frankly, exorbitant, they also regularly came across fakes that contained nothing at all. As an example, I remember a huge batch of fake Tren Acetate from DB (British Dragon). I personally and quite a few of my friends threw out decent money for such a course and received the usual oil in their hands.

Online purchase

In a short time, the Internet space has taken this matter into its own hands. The global network has evolved and everything has been adjusted. I have never concealed my true love for chemistry and I can sincerely admit that I am quite pleased with the situation with online shopping today. If you have brains in your head, it’s easy to buy everything you need (up to such perversions as: Synthol, HGH, Insulin).

Naturally, there are enough scams. But it is inevitable. Doping is a business, and like any other business, it is built on lies and hypocrisy as well. But, again, today is a paradise for a bodybuilder – powerlifter from mere mortals. Compared to what it was some 8 – 10 years ago, everything is more than good and stable.

Now I will list a few simple, but VERY important rules that all potential farm buyers on the Internet must follow, especially if they are cooperating with an online store for the first time:

1. Never purchase AAS or other prohibited substances for cash on delivery. In this case, you are extremely easy to calculate and accept right in the post office with a full gentleman’s set on your hands.

2. Any self-respecting online store has an intelligent consultant who, free of charge (subject to purchase), literally on his fingers will explain what, when and how to take for specific purposes.

3. If you are buying for the first time, limit yourself to elemental drugs like Testosterone and Methandrostenolone. Even if you are thrown, you will not lose heart by a decent amount of hard-earned money.

4. In various forums and websites you can personally contact the specialists working there, who will advise reliable shops. Trace the assortment of manufacturers offered on the selected site. If there are no time-tested factories in the line (Balkan / Vermoja / Golden Dragon / Aburai Khan and the like), but there is some British Dragon or King Pharma, then this is clearly a dumb dealer. Do not buy in a particular store GR, Sintol, Insulin, until you try the whole arsenal of elementary AAS. If you come across AS of shit quality, then you can imagine that you will be paired under the guise of Synthol or GR.7. Avoid working with personalities that are connected with the sale of pharma. Such subjects, usually, quickly zazhirayutsya and insolent. And they begin to throw everyone to the left and to the right. It seems that everything says what was planned. Use pharmacology intelligently and deliberately. It is also a reasonable approach to buying drugs in online stores. Today it is very easy and simple to buy both the preparations themselves and information on their use. Shops and professionals missing. The main thing – a reasonable approach and the lack of haste. Be healthy, beautiful and strong. And don’t let the charlatans get rich at your expense.

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