How to take steroids?

Let’s talk about a competent approach to the injection of basic drugs that we actively use in the process of building the body. The topic seems to be not difficult, but I have not once observed various complications in wards. And he, in the course of the process, faced certain problems associated with the negligent approach to this procedure. For a start, a set of banal and long-standing hackneyed rules that must be followed in order to avoid unnecessary (and rather painful) trouble.

Precautionary measures

Always wipe the place where the injection will be done with a septic tank or alcohol before performing it.

Press the alcohol pad (or cotton wool) well against the hole after the injection until the blood stops.

Never perform an injection if you are sweating (be sure to take a shower beforehand).

In no case, do not use needles or syringes more than once (there are still talents who do this).

If you use vials containing ten milliliters of a substance immediately, then before each set of the preparation, wipe the surface of the gum with alcohol or a septic tank.

Needles for selection from the vial and injection must be different and ALWAYS new.

When making a shot in any place other than the buttocks, insert the needle slowly to avoid getting into the nerve.

Before the injection procedure, slightly pull off the syringe plunger and make sure that you do not get into the blood vessel.

Completely squeeze air bubbles out of the syringe before you inject the drug (especially for subcutaneous injections).

Always heat the oil solutions to body temperature in the palm or under the arm. If crystals are present in the ampoule / vial, then place this vessel in a mug with warm water, but not in boiling water.

Never heat aqueous suspensions (for example, injectable stanozolol). Always keep ampoules with them in the refrigerator or in a cool place.

Shake the ampoule / vial thoroughly (before the crystals are evenly distributed in the water) before dialing into the syringe of aqueous suspensions.

Types of injections

These are called injections into the upper outer quarter of the gluteal muscles. Besides the fact that this place is the most secure, it has been experimentally established that in this case, almost 100% of the active substance enters the general bloodstream (more precisely, it is 97/98%).

Local injections

The task of local (local) injections is the growth of the muscles in which the injection is made. Such AAS injections can be performed with either an insulin syringe or a syringe containing 2 ml of volume. Testosterone propionate, testosterone suspension and stanozolol can be considered most suitable for local injections. Although, in truth, the longer esters of testosterone and nandrolone are also suitable. I strongly recommend avoiding similar experiments with trenbolone / boldenone / methenolone enanthate esters.

The usual places for such pricks are quadriceps (outer side), as well as various deltoid muscle bundles. Although, in the presence of a certain experience (or a qualified specialist), they calmly prick in the triceps, the broadest, the pectoral, the trapezium, and (with the greatest care) the biceps and the calf. In addition to AAS, locally, you can enter the IGF – 1 and MFR. Some athletes use locally even Hormone Growth (but personally I consider this approach to be completely useless).

Subcutaneous injections

Hormone Growth, IGF – 1, MFR (pegylated), insulin, and most peptides are usually injected subcutaneously. Traditionally, in the crease under the navel (can be in the skin of the thigh / shoulder). As for Insulin, it can be placed intramuscularly and even intravenously (drip). Subcutaneously, the same way, injections of Chorionic gonadotropin are made (although intramuscular injections of this medication, as for me, are more justified). Naturally, insulin syringes are best suited for subcutaneous injections. And try to constantly change the injection site, in order to avoid atrophy / hypertrophy of subcutaneous fat in that place.

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