The history of steroids: from 19 to mid 20th century

The history of steroids dates back to the 19th century, when scientists began to understand the importance of the sex glands. Find out how steroids were created.

Today, steroids are widely used by athletes and doctors. These drugs can be not only useful, but also dangerous. In many countries of the world, steroids are illegal drugs and can not be sold freely. They can only be used for medical purposes as prescribed by a physician. The use of AAS in sports is illegal after the IOC imposed a ban on them in the seventies of the last century. Note that with the United States and some other countries on the planet for the illegal use, and especially the distribution of steroids, criminal penalties apply.
When did the first steroids

To find out about this, we have to go back in time to the 19th century. The first scientist who became interested in the work of glands secreting sex hormones was Berthold. In 1846, he conducted experiments with young roosters.

It is possible that such experiments were carried out earlier, but it was Berthold who first published the results of his research and showed that the sex glands make a man what he is. At this, Berthold did not stop and continued research. After the removed testicles of the birds were placed in their abdominal cavity, the sexual function of the roosters was restored.

Berthold performed an autopsy and found that a large number of new capillaries appeared in the abdominal cavity around the testicles. This gave him a reason to argue that the sex glands are directly related to the bloodstream. After the glands produce hormones, they enter the bloodstream, which distributes them throughout the body.

After that, there were no scientific publications on hormones and steroids until 1929. It was at this time that an attempt was made to get testosterone from a bull’s testicle. After six years, scientists can get a cleaner testosterone.

In 1936, a group of scientists managed to synthesize the male hormone from cholesterol.

Thus, the beginning of the “steroid” era can be considered the year 1929, when scientists were able to get testosterone for the first time. The synthetic male hormone was manufactured in 1936.

Steroids today

The modern history of steroids is directly related to sports. Some pharmaceutical companies have synthesized testosterone since 1948. However, the mass use of these drugs began after 1954. At this time, American John Zikler as a doctor of his country’s weightlifting team was at the World Championships.

The Soviet weightlifters were then out of competition, and were able to win gold medals in almost all weight categories. Tsikler was able to learn that during the preparation of athletes in the USSR, testosterone injections were actively used. After returning home from the World Cup, Zikler also began to give his weightlifters a synthetic male hormone.

At the same time, he turned to Ciba representatives with a proposal to develop a more effective steroid. The result of their collaboration was a drug called Dianabol, known to domestic athletes as “methane”. This drug began to enjoy great success with athletes, and in many countries began to produce it.

From this time to the present day, steroids have been widely used in sports, despite the ban that was introduced by the IOC in the mid-seventies. Athletes from various sports disciplines continue to take anabolic steroids to improve their athletic performance.

Already in our time there are many forums in which “debates” and discussions of the use of sports pharmacology in sports are actively conducted. At such forums, you can easily get tips such as the use of steroids on the course and dosage, training programs, nutrition, and much more. But I would like to note that it is not always worth listening to the opinions of others because not every time you can get a response from a valid literate specialist.